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Michener’s Spain: Badajoz

Skyline of Badajoz; in the background stretches the empty rockiness of Extremadura.

Last week, I began what will be a series of posts on James Michener’s Iberia. You can read the first post here. This week I take a look at the first chapter of the book, which focuses on the city of Badajoz and the surrounding region of Extremadura. Of all the colorful, historical, alluring places …

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Michener’s Spain: An Introduction

Chief Spainiac in Charge, James Michener, seen here in 1991 at the age of 84 attending an observance in Hawaii commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

“I have long believed that any man interested in either the mystic or the romantic aspects of life must sooner or later define his attitude concerning Spain.” Thus did James Michener write the unforgettable opening line to Iberia, his classic non-fictional portrait of Spain. It’s quite a statement. Read it a couple of times carefully. …

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Spain: a golf-tourist’s paradise

2008 Volvo Masters at Valderrama (photo by Pablo Herrero)

Love golf? Looking for a new way to see Spain? Spain boasts a slew of beautiful courses and, naturally, there are plenty of golf-themed vacation packages to explore. But for those who settle for nothing less than the best of the best, there’s Valderrama Golf Club in Andalucía, the jewel of Europe’s golf courses. For …

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Going to Spain the U.K. Way


British Spainiacs have been driving the recent growth in Spanish tourism, a key industry that has been reeling due to the global financial crisis.


A New Train in Spain

El Expreso de la Robla

There are some great train routes that offer a way to see wide swaths of Spain while riding in style. One of the best routes, along the northern coast, has long been the domain of El Transcantábrico, a famous luxury train that takes passengers on a sort of landbound cruise, replete with scheduled day trips …

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How to Ensure a Barcelona Return

Tourist looking to ensure a return trip to Barcelona

I’ve run into quite a few people this summer who visited Barcelona. Time and again I heard some version of the following: “Ah, I want to go back.” Well, there’s apparently a way to make sure you do. Legend has it that whoever drinks water from the Font de Canaletes on La Rambla de Canaletes …

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Spainiacs Keeping Spain’s Economy Alive

Despite dismal economic data coming out of Spain, Spanish tourism is becoming a bright spot once again. Always one of the top three or four tourist destinations in the world (along with France, the U.S. and China), it appeared the global economic downturn might knock Spain out of the top ranks.  Not so fast credit …

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Michelle Obama: Spainiac


How to vacation in Spain, First-Lady style.

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